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Jack Furrier Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemWhat is a TPMS sensor?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It’s a safety feature added to all vehicles since 2007 which provides drivers information on their tire pressure and is designed to warn them of a low tire pressure condition. Tire pressure monitors inside each tire/wheel assembly signal the vehicles on board computer to monitor air pressure. Typically the driver will receive a warning or warning light if a tire falls below a specific threshold pressure. 25% is an average threshold figure, if a tire falls below this level the system will provide the driver a warning.

Because the warning light alert comes on after a significant reduction in air pressure, drivers should remember to check air pressure monthly and look for any unusual signs of tire damage to ensure proper tire inflation to ensure maximum cornering and braking grip.

Since sensors are battery operated, they have a limited lifespan which initially was projected to be around 4 years before the assembly would need to be replaced. Fortunately, in certain climates including Arizona, sensors have been known to last several years longer than these projections. Once a battery fails, the driver will likely get a warning indicating the sensor is no longer transmitting. This will likely appear as a generic tire warning light on the dashboard. The vehicle must be diagnosed at a shop with the proper TPMS tools.

Every Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care location is equipped with TPMS tools and trained technicians who can determine the battery condition of your sensors as well as reset and adjust sensors as needed which may occur as the result of normal tire maintenance including tire rotations.

Jack Furrier’s offer affordable TPMS tire pressure monitor replacement for all makes and models. We have replaced hundreds of sensors from German and Asian imports to all domestic manufacturers. Our certified technicians and equipment can quickly identify faulty sensors and we are equipped to replace, rebalance and initialize your new sensors to get your system back to factory specification and get you back on the road. This service is available at any of our 14 area locations.

Typical TPMS service cost:

Basic TPMS reset - $19.99. Performed during a normal tire rotation.

Basic TPMS light diagnostic $29.99 – service attempts to identify the source or sources of your TPMS warning light and includes a Basic TPMS reset. It does not include the cost of the sensor or sensor replacement.

Basic Sensor Replacement – these prices vary based on the sensor. Replacing the sensor may require complete tire removal from the rim. You should plan on having your tire wheel assembly rebalanced after a new sensor is replaced. Our stores have sensors in stock to cover 98% of vehicles fitted with TPMS. Normally this service can be completed on the same day.

Total Tire Maintenance Customers –TPMS services included at no charge.

As of Jan 1, 2015, customers who have purchased their tires from Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care are provided many TPMS services at no charge.

Sensor replacement labor and TPMS reset fee is FREE. These services (TPMS reset, diagnosis, Tire dismount, Tire balance) are worth over $50 per tire. Customers are responsible for the cost of the replacement sensor which typically range in price from $60 to $100 per sensor. – click here to find out more about other “Total Tire Maintenace” services included with every tire purchased from Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care.