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Jack Furrier total Tire Price Guarantee

Because nobody likes to be surprised when paying for tires

Jack Furrier includes Total Tire Maintenance on every new passenger and light truck tire sold at one low price. You get all the service needed to have your tires properly installed on the day of purchase plus you will also receive hundreds of dollars worth of free future services to help extend the life of your tires.

Total Tire Maintenance: What is included?

Besides installing your new tires, we also include tire rotations, re-balancing and we even perform tire repairs at no charge for the lifetime of the tires you purchased. We perform repairs according to Rubber Manufacturer’s Association standards. It takes a little longer and means we remove the tire from the wheel and use a patch/plug from the inside. We do not plug from the outside. If the tire injury is too large or in a non-repairable area the tire must be replaced.

Be careful when comparing online – what is the cost of 4 tire installation?

Typical dealer installation cost around $70-$80 for a standard set of tires which can increase for other things like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) on board all newer cars and trucks, some specialty tires, custom wheels and low profile tires can cost more to install as well. The One Low Price you see here includes the services you need to drive away and a whole lot more for free in the future. This is NOT the way the other websites do it – be careful when comparing.

Other “things we do” Mechanics on Duty

Besides tires, our shops are provide complete auto repair with ASE Certified technicians on site. For tire customers, we can provide the latest in computerized wheel alignment. If you are purchasing 4 tires, you can request a free alignment check to see if your vehicle is within the manufacturer’s specifications. It makes sense to protect a new set of tires with a wheel alignment.