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Heroes 2016

lieutenant christopher olson lieutenant john teachout

Oro Valley PD - John Teachout and Christopher Olson

Lieutenants John Teachout and Christopher Olson were traveling north on I-17 when they observed that there was a vehicle on the side of the road with smoke coming out of it. Teachout and Olson pulled over to see what was going on and if they could assist in any way. After talking with the driver, they found out that, in her panicked state, she forgot her children in the car, strapped in their car seats. Teachout and Olson immediately ran to the car and removed the two children. Shortly after that the vehicle erupted in flames. Teachout and Olson remained on the scene to assist with scene security and after completing this, gave the woman and her two small children a ride to Cordes Junction to reunite with their family.

officer michael pelton

Tucson PD - Officer Mike Pelton

Officer Mike Pelton responded to a call at the intersection of 22nd St. and the I-10 for a report of a male running through traffic attempting to end his life. The male was suffering a mental health crisis and was running in front of moving vehicles exiting the I-10. When Pelton arrived he had to run into the traffic in an attempt to get the subject to stop, also risking his life. He grabbed the subject and started fighting with him in the middle of the street. Traffic continued to drive around them, and one subject stopped to flim and yell insults at Officer Pelton. He was able to hold the subject down in the middle of the street until additional units arrived to help with the situation. Officer Pelton's actions helped save this man from ending his life that day.

tsgt david velarde

DMAFB - TSgt David Velarde

TSgt David Velarde was on a morning jog when he came upon a man and his dog being viciously attacked by a Pitbull. TSgt Velarde stepped in and was able to halt the dog's attack on the man and his dog. They were both severely injured and needed to be transported to the hospital for further treatment. They both survived thanks to TSgt Velarde. Not everyone would throw themselves into a dangerous situation like he did, TSgt Velarde is a true hero.

Honorable Mention's

DMAFB - SrA Joshua R. Jones and SSgt Lorin E. Schlecht

SrA Joshua R. Jones and SSgt Lorin E. Schlect were on their way back to Davis-Monthan AFB from Fort Huachuca. They were each driving a vehicle and were merging onto the I-10 when they saw a car lose control and flip multiple times, ejecting a passenger. SrA Jones and SSgt Schlect were the first to respond to the ejected female passenger, who was unconscious lying face down. It was apparent that she had sustained serious facial trauma and was showing symptoms of traumatic brain injury. The victim slowly regained consciousness, complaining of pain and becoming combative due to the traumatic event. Fortunately, they were able to keep her stabilized until EMS arrived.

Pima County Sheriff - Sgt. Erik Maldonado/Dep. Adam Schoonover

Sergeant Erik Maldonado and Deputy Adam Schoonover responded to a welfare call involving a 5 and 7-year-old girl. Their father had made a drunken phone call to his ex-wife asking if she wanted to talk to her daughters “one last time”. When Sergeant Maldonado and Deputy Schoonover arrived they heard shots fired inside the home. The father had shot both of his children in the head and then took his own life. The worked furiously to provide first aid to the girls, but it was too late. Even after they had left the scene, they made themselves available to the family at all times. They spent a significant amount of time with the grieving family, providing emotional first aid. Their heroism continued and is evident in their efforts to care for the surviving family.

Tucson Fire Dept. - Cole Mayfield

While driving off duty one day, Tucson Firefighter Cole Mayfield saw smoke and headed towards it to see how he could help. When he arrived he found out there was a house fire with two victims trapped inside. He assisted the Drexel Heights Fire District with resuscitation of a fire victim and made himself available wherever he was needed. When the victims were removed from the house he helped in placing them into the ambulance and rode in the ambulance to the hospital to assist the Drexel Fire crew with the patient and provided necessary medical care throughout the transport.