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The visible engine warning light is letting you know that your vehicle is not operating within the normal ranges for at least one of its computer controlled systems. Most times this problem is accompanied by specific diagnostic computer codes stored invisibly inside your vehicle’s memory. These codes are generated by the on board diagnostic systems your vehicle uses to monitor dozens of detailed performance levels. When the vehicle goes outside normal limits on a routine test, the vehicle may store the code and sometimes illuminate the engine warning light.

Free Computer Code Checks

As a courtesy, any Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care will scan and retrieve the list of computer generated trouble codes for you at no charge. These codes provide a general list of conditions that help point to trouble areas. In some cases, we may find a super simple fix - like your gas cap is loose or broken (don't laugh, this is a very common occurance). Most often, these tests provide technicians and do it yourselfers a starting point for further diagnostic testing.

Common codes may identify specific items such as an Oxygen sensor reading outside normal range, as well as general indicators that one or more systems are operating outside the normal range for your vehicle.

If that is the case, you might consider investing an hour to diagnose the problem. Our rates are typically 30% lower than dealers and often times the diagnosis can be made while you wait. In any case, if your engine light is on, come see Jack Furrier us to see if we can get you back on the road.

Free Check Engine Light Code Readings

Free for our web customers - Print Coupon

Is your check engine light on? We can help you understand the code with a free computer code reading. This service will let you know what codes are present and what the code indicates. At times this will be all you need to solve your problem. In most cases, this is a preliminary step with coupon - you must indicate you have the coupon BEFORE your service begins.

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