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Duro Max Battery

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Maximum durability for Tucson’s Extreme Heat

  • 5 year free replacement
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Nationwide warranty and Roadside assistance*
  • Free Jump Start & Towing (up to $75 reimbursed)*

Tips for Buying the Right Battery: 

  1. Don’t wait until you are stranded – get the information you need, such as a charging analysis, so you can make an educated decision.
  2. If someone tells you your old battery is bad, ask them “why?” They should be able to provide you with a printed copy of test results with the reason for their recommendation. A legitimate shop will not expect you to purchase a battery just because it is dead. They will make sure the battery is tested properly first. This might include recharging a discharged battery before making a final determination. 
  3. There is nothing better than having a mechanic you trust, but having the results is also comforting. If you are not sure about the garage you intend to use, bring your car in to one of our 14 Jack Furrier’s Tire and Auto Service locations for a free charging analysis and we will give you a print out with your battery’s current condition as well as your charging system results—no purchase necessary. Click here for store locations.

*See warranty brochure for toll free assistance and complete warranty details