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Cooper CTS & CS5: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Cooper CS5 T-Rated for Sedans and Mini-Vans Buy 3, Get 4th Free

Welcome Coopers Newest touring innovation - the CS5 Grand Touring tire which features an 80,000 mile radials with new higher treadwear rating, and improved handling and traction.  These tires fit hundreds of passenger cars, sedans, and mini-vans. These tires are built for long mileage and comfort, by national brands you trust.Click here for Cooper CS5 Sizes and product information. 

Cooper CS5 H & V Rated for Sport & Luxury Vehicles Buy 3, Get 4th Free

CS5 H-Rated and V-Rated CS5 have a category leading 580 to 620 Treadwear Rating and an AA rating for traction and temperature - but you'll experience the whole story when you glide out on these very capable sporty treads. Silical enhanced engineering provides the best wet traction and longevity combination - there are no sacrifices with the CS4 series - perfect for your Altima, GS430trust. Click here for more information on CS5, Sizes and Price information

Cooper's Premium Luxury Radials Compare to Michelin Defender and Harmony, Goodyear Comfort Tread

Cooper CTS Trucks and SUVS: Buy 3 Get 4th tire free 

CTS is Coopers best SUV, Cross-Over, and Luxury Pickup truck tire. 70,000 mile limited warranty and Cooper 45 Day Test ride - guarantees your satisfaction. Compare to Michelin Latitude HP, Cross Terrain, General HTS, Goodyear Silent Armour. Click here for more CTS information, prices and sizes

           October 16, 2014 through November 15, 2014

Laredo Cross Country Cross Country Touring  Tiger Paw Touring       Tiger Paw Touring TT   

Uniroyal_Tiger Paw Touring: Buy 3 and get 1 free! Click here for details.

Buy three Uniroyal® Tiger Paw Touring or Laredo Cross Country tires, get one free! Buy three Cooper CS4 or Discoverer CTS tires, get one free!
$70 of Installation Services Free

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